Borehole Database

The DEVORA Borehole Database is maintained by Dr Tracy Howe. For all borehole-related inquiries, please follow the link in her name to find her contact information, or contact us.

The DEVORA Borehole Database is an open resource that collates lithologic borehole information across the Auckland region. Each borehole entry includes technical (collar) information plus information on geology and hydrology (water level). The database currently holds over 2,300 borehole records. This information is key to understanding Auckland’s subsurface and will help in identifying the likely volcanic and seismic hazards to Auckland’s population, infrastructure, and economy.

The DEVORA Borehole Database is publicly accessible through PETLAB, the national rock database managed by GNS Science. A simple PETLAB query will produce a list of all DEVORA logs in PETLAB. Geologic information is contained as samples within associated features:

  • Collection Name: DEVORA (DEV)
  • Result Type: Feature

For information on accessing and downloading the DEVORA data from PETLAB, please download our PETLAB User Guide:
PETLAB User Guide (763 downloads)

DEVORA Borehole Database contributors include:

  • Auckland Council
  • NZ Transit Agency
  • GNS Science
  • OPUS International Ltd.
  • URS New Zealand Ltd.
  • Aurecon
  • Ihumatao Quarries Ltd.
  • Pattle Delamore Partners
  • University of Auckland Library


DEVORA Borehole Database Literature

Literature detailing Auckland faultline information as determined by paleosurface and borehole information can be found below:

(latest update) Kenny, JA, 2013: Northward tilting of the Waitemata group erosion surface in the Auckland region. Geocene, 9: 2-6, Geological Society of New Zealand, eds. Grenfell, H. & Holzer, H.

Kenny JA, Lindsay JM, & Howe TM, 2012: Post-Miocene faults in Auckland: insights from borehole and topographic analysis. New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics, 55 (4): 323-343.

Kenny J, Lindsay J, & Howe T, 2011: Large Scale Faulting in the Auckland Region. IESE Technical Report 1-2011.04.
Kenny et al 2011 Large Scale Faulting (114 downloads )