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Scientific Meetings

Our annual DEVORA Research Forums are invitation-only meetings during which DEVORA and affiliated researchers present their most recent findings and research plans. It is geared toward interested scientists, stakeholders, and end users of (mainly) applied volcanic research. The forums are held at the University of Auckland, usually over 1 day during the second week in November. If you are a scientist, stakeholder, or end user and are interested in attending but have not received invitations to previous forums, you may contact us to participate in or obtain details about attending this event in the future.


The DEVORA Outreach Group will accommodate your request for volcano- and geology-related classroom visits, field trips, and talks, as time and personnel allow. Please feel free to contact us for outreach opportunities. Interested School of Environment staff and students at UoA may join the Outreach Group by emailing Elaine Smid or Kate Kenedi (no experience is necessary; training is provided).


Upcoming Events


Rock, Roll, and Erupt: The Earthquake and Volcano Laboratory
Once again the DEVORA team is hosting an event as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival. On Sunday, 1 October from 10 am – 2 pm, join real volcano and earthquake scientists at The Earthquake and Volcano Laboratory! You’ll learn why the earth quakes and bakes and how you can survive the next earthquake or volcanic eruption. You’ll also: create and ‘see’ your own earthquakes! Pull the pin on an eruption! Pit your marshmallow house against an earthquake! Make a rock float! Create a lava flow!

This event is for kids and kids-at-heart of all ages and is sponsored by The University of Auckland, Auckland Council and The Earthquake Commission. Participating outreach groups include those from QuakeCoRE, the Auckland University Geoscience Association, and the Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) research programme. Location map:


Previous Events


Incredible Science Day at the University of Auckland
On 5 July, The University of Auckland hosted an ‘Incredible Science’ Day, in which Faculty of Science students and staff shared their exciting science with students aged 10 – 12 from primary and intermediate schools across Auckland. The DEVORA Outreach Group and their partners, AUGA and QuakeCoRE, once again teamed up to provide hands-on demonstrations geared toward teaching the kids concepts about volcanoes, earthquakes, and their associated hazards. Over 400 students, teachers, and parents attended. The students loved the “explosive eruption” of Alka Seltzer in a film canister with its loud noise and flying “volcanic bomb.” Most of them dipped their hands into the foamy “effusive eruption” from neutralized yeast and hydrogen peroxide and laughed when their hands were dyed red by the food colouring. They built structures with toothpicks held together by marshmallows to test structural stability on a plate of jelly during an “earthquake.” Teachers reported that some students have had very little exposure to science, and that now they are talking about how cool it is and about wanting to become scientists!

Autumn School Holidays at Stardome
The autumn school holiday programme at Stardome, Volcanoes in Space, ran from April 18 to April 24. The programme was built around their new planetarium show Supervolcanoes and featured interactive activities designed to teach the young and old alike about the magic of volcanoes. DEVORA volcanologists were present for the first few days of the programme and answered questions about the life of a volcano scientist. For more information on the Stardome Holiday programme click here.

MOTAT’s Street Science Fair

On Sunday, 2 April, DEVORA volcanologists, UoA geologists, and QuakeCoRE scientists were on hand to show visitors geological wonders and answer questions about natural hazards at MOTAT’s annual Street Science Fair. The event was a success, with over 2,000 visitors. Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for doing a fantastic job!

Hazard Hub @ University of Auckland inaugural Volcanic Hazards Short Course: The Auckland Volcanic Field

DEVORA and affiliated AVF researchers (Drs Jan Lindsay, Graham Leonard, Brad Scott, Kate Lewis Kenedi, and Shane Cronin), hosted by Auckland Council, ran the inaugural Auckland Volcanic Field Volcanic Hazards Short Course offered through the Hazard Hub @ University of Auckland. The course is designed for organisational stakeholders who may have limited or basic knowledge of volcanic hazards and the Auckland Volcanic Field.

Jan Lindsay kicked off the short course with a great introduction to the Auckland Volcanic Field.

On 16 February 2017, 16 participants from Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management, New Zealand Police, and the NZ Transport Agency participated in the all-day Foundation Level 1 Short Course in the beautiful Town Hall Council Chambers. Morning presentations and information packets provided key information as a basis for understanding the possible hazards associated with the Auckland Volcanic Field, e.g. ash fall and lava flows. Participants then worked together in interactive sessions to get a feel for what information scientists need to help forecast eruptions, what might happen before and during an eruption, and the difficulties associated with predicting volcanic activity.


DEVORA AVF Eruption Scenario Workshop

On November 11, 2016, DEVORA hosted a workshop to develop the AVF eruption scenarios. Twenty-three volcanologists and Auckland CDEM stakeholders came together and evaluated 8 proposed AVF eruption scenarios that cover a range of precursory activity, eruption styles, locations, volcanic phenomena, and durations. Once finalised, these scenarios will be used to determine the potential consequences of a future AVF eruption. This work is important for planning and mitigation purposes.

9th Annual DEVORA Research Forum
The 2016 Annual Research Forum was held on Thursday, 10 November, at the University of Auckland. This year, we had over 60 participants who enjoyed 21 research presentations. The Forum gives scientists and stakeholders (emergency planners, representatives from lifelines–power, telecommunications, water treatment, etc.) a chance to build and strengthen relationships that will be relied upon in a volcanic crisis. Meetings like these play an important role in keeping everyone up to date on current research and recent findings, as well as allowing stakeholders to communicate their needs to scientists. Available presentations are posted on our Presentations page. Photos from the day can be found on the DEVORA Facebook page.

Outreach Event – Upper Harbour Primary School, Greenhithe, Auckland

On October 29, 2016, the University of Auckland (UoA) DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) project and Auckland University Geoscience Association (AUGA) outreach groups took foaming lava flows, popping volcanic eruptions, and a shaking seismometer to Upper Harbour Primary School. The school had a science theme for their school fair, “Discovery Day,” which 600-700 people attended.


Feeling the heat from our ‘lava flow’ at DEVORA’s The Volcanoes in Your Backyard event at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Heritage Festival, 2015. Photo by Elaine Smid.

Nine UoA staff and students involved school children and parents in scientific discoveries. If we mix yeast, concentrated hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and red food colouring, what happens? … a lava flow! How about if we pound on a table where a seismometer is sitting? We can see the shake signal on the computer screen. The Diet Coke and Mentos explosive eruptions were a big hit, and we talked about how the foam left in the bottle looks a lot like pumice; visitors could also see real pumice floating in a bowl and showing what happens when rocks contain that much air.

We had a great time at Upper Harbour Primary School and hope other schools will be inspired to have science-themed school fairs!
Shaking and Popping in New Zealand: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

As part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, DEVORA presented an interactive event exploring how volcanoes work. This year, we also teamed up with QuakeCoRE, Auckland Council’s Civil Defence and Emergency Management, and the Auckland University Geological Association to help kids learn more about volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and what they can do to stay safe during these natural hazards. The event was a big success, with over 250 members of the public attending. More information is available at this link.


8th Annual DEVORA Research Forum

The DEVORA Research Forum was held at the University of Auckland on 12 November. The Forum gives scientists and stakeholders (emergency planners, representatives from lifelines–power, telecommunications, water treatment, etc.) a chance to build and strengthen relationships that will be relied upon in a volcanic crisis. Meetings like these play an important role in keeping everyone up to date on current research and recent findings, as well as allowing stakeholders to communicate their needs to scientists.

The day was a success, with 22 presentations by DEVORA researchers. A huge thank you to all of our presenters. Photos from the day can be found on the DEVORA Facebook page. Talks and posters will soon be available at this link:


The Volcanoes in Your Backyard

Feeling the heat from our ‘lava flow’ at DEVORA’s The Volcanoes in Your Backyard event at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Heritage Festival, 2015. Photo by Elaine Smid.

DEVORA held a special event during the 2015 Auckland Heritage Festival: The Volcanoes in your Backyard! This event was a part of the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s ‘Taku Tāmaki‘ exhibit and took place on Sunday, 4 October from 10 am – 2 pm. We had a great turnout, so thank you to our Outreach Group volunteers, and all the Volcanologists-in-Training that visited us! Special thanks to the Auckland War Memorial Museum for hosting us.




UoA Faculty of Science’s Incredible Science Roadshow


Kate Kenedi creates a pink ‘lava flow’ at the 2015 Incredible Science Roadshow. Photo by Elaine Smid.

The DEVORA Outreach Group took part in this year’s Incredible Science Roadshow, organised by the Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland and hosted at Devonport Primary School on Wednesday, 10 June 2015. DEVORA Outreach Group leaders thank volunteers Giovanni Coco, Dev Patel, Christine Liang, and Anna Smith for doing an incredible job at the Volcanoes and Earthquakes booth!

You can also find Incredible Science online.




Coke-Mentos volcano experiment. Photo taken at MOTAT’s Science Street Fair 2015 by Nicole Jones.

2015 MOTAT Science Street Fair
On Sunday, 29 March, the DEVORA Outreach Group demonstrated their volcano knowledge at the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)’s 2015 Science Street Fair, a much anticipated annual event aimed at primary and intermediate aged children.

Many thanks to volunteers Dev Patel, David Rhode, Minzi Liu, Kyle Meffan, Christine Liang, and Anna Smith for doing a fantastic job, and to the UoA Geophysics Society for inviting us to participate in the event with them. We look forward to participating next year!



7th Annual DEVORA Research Forum

On the 7th November 2014, the 7th annual research forum focused on DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) was held in the Decima Glenn room in the Owen G Glenn Building at UoA. For available presentations, see here.

DEVORA Outreach Group demonstration fun.

DEVORA Outreach Group demonstration fun.

Auckland Heritage Festival – Auckland Erupts!
The DEVORA Outreach Group hosted an Auckland Heritage Festival event, ‘Auckland Erupts!’ on the lawn behind the University Clock Tower on Saturday, 11 October. The highlights of the event were the (sometimes messy) Diet Coke-Mentos eruptions every half-hour. DEVORA Outreach Group leaders extend their appreciation to volunteers Mel Runge, Kim Paynter, Maneesha Sakamuri, Evert Quintero, Ruben Jaen, Bonnie Hartfield, Jenna Sharpe, Arpana Taunk, and Burns Vaughan for doing a fantastic job. It was a great day for all involved!



European Volcanoes’ Night (September 2014)  

Poster displayed at 'Volcanoes Night' in 2014.

Poster displayed at ‘Volcanoes Night’ in 2014.

On Friday, 26 September 2014, Elaine Smid, Maneesha Sakamuri, Carolyn Bowden, and Jan Lindsay participated remotely in ‘Volcano Night’, part of the European Union’s ‘Researcher’s Night’, an annual event held in about 300 European cities aimed at promoting public awareness of exciting science. A poster describing DEVORA was displayed at events in four different areas of the Canary Islands.









Jan Lindsay, DEVORA co-leader, gave an invited talk at the NZSEE conference, 2014.

Resilient Auckland Expo (March 2014)

The Resilient Auckland Expo held on 21-22 March at the Aotea Centre gave members of the public an opportunity to learn how to better prepare for natural hazard events, such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. The Expo was held in conjunction with the annual New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) conference. Dr Jan Lindsay (DEVORA co-leader) gave a well-received public talk at the NZSEE conference: ‘Volcanic and seismic hazard in Auckland: Just how shaky is our isthmus?’



6th Annual DEVORA Research Forum
DEVORA’s sixth annual research forum was held jointly with the Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group (CDEMG) on 27 September 2013 as a part of Get Ready’ Week. The Honourable Nikki Kaye, Minister for Civil Defence, gave the opening address. Over 200 representatives from stakeholder organisations across New Zealand attended this high profile event to learn how DEVORA and other stakeholders are collectively working together to prepare for and reduce risk from the next Auckland eruption. See DEVORA Press for media coverage of the event. Presentations can be downloaded as PDFs in the 2013 DEVORA Forum section located under the Resource tab.