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Volcanic Risk Forum makes headlines (September 2013)

The sixth annual Auckland Council CDEMG-DEVORA Forum on Friday, 27 September was covered by numerous print and television media outlets:


Predicting big natural events (May 2013)

The two felt earthquakes in March prompted the public to wonder if they were related to the AVF. CDEMG Controller and DEVORA Steering Committee member Clive Manley was featured in an article about earthquakes and volcanoes in Auckland. Clive described some of the research taking place through DEVORA.

Researchers image the volcanic subsurface in Auckland – VIDEO  (April 2013)

DEVORA researchers Dr Darren Gravley (University of Canterbury) and Elaine Smid (University of Auckland) were interviewed about using ground penetrating radar on destructive volcanic flow (called a ‘base surge’) deposits from Auckland’s volcanoes. The technique will help us identify potential impacts from base surges in future eruptions.

Prolonged activity at Rangitoto? (April 2013)

In 2009, DEVORA MSc student Andrew Needham discovered that Rangitoto Volcano had erupted twice —once about 600 years ago, and then again 50 years later, about 550 years ago. Now, the discovery of minute layers of ash found in a core from Lake Pupuke indicates that it may have erupted several times earlier. For more information, check out the press describing the research article:


Auckland earthquakes generate interest in the Auckland Volcanic Field (March 2013)

The earthquakes in Auckland on Sunday, 17 March sparked interest in other natural hazards that could occur in Auckland, such as a volcanic eruption. DEVORA researchers Dr Jan Lindsay and Darren Gravley were interviewed about the effect of an eruption on Auckland.



TVNZ’s Close Up segment highlights the volcanic risk to Auckland VIDEO (Oct 2012)

Professor Shane Cronin was interviewed for a feature on Auckland’s volcanoes for TVNZ’s Close Up programme. The programme also featured interviews with Clive Manley, Auckland Council’s CDEM Controller and DEVORA Steering Committee member (Auckland Volcanoes feature starts at 8mins 30 secs). Several news articles have highlighted research examining Auckland’s susceptibility to lava flows carried out by our partners at Massey University’s Volcanic Risk Solutions. The researchers found that in central and northern Auckland, lava would likely be channeled between ridges, while in the flat areas of southern Auckland, the flows would spread out more but not travel as far. The study cited 6.5 km as the maximum lava flow length expected in central Auckland, based on topography, building density, and previous lava flow characteristics. You can read the original article.


What does the Tongariro eruption mean for Auckland? (August 2012)

The eruptions at White Island and Mt Tongariro in early August 2012 renewed interest in the Auckland Volcanic Field. The activity in the central North Island does not affect AVF volcanism, but if ash-producing eruptions at Tongariro continue and the wind direction shifts northward, ash from Tongariro could reach Auckland. Major disruptions in aviation schedules would be expected in that case. You may read about the effects of ash fall, and how best to protect yourself and your property, here.

Many DEVORA researchers are involved in the investigations and response. An excellent compilation of several of their expert opinions can be found at Tongariro volcanic eruption and ash fall — experts respond. (Science Media Centre Blog, 7 August 2012) Clive Manley, Manager of Auckland Council’s Civil Defence and Emergency Management and member of the DEVORA Steering Committee, explained how Civil Defence takes preparation for a volcanic eruption in Auckland very seriously (TV3, 8 August 2012). Some of the expected effects of an Auckland eruption are described in this article (NZ Herald, 11 August 2012). Fortunately, no one was hurt in the Tongariro eruption. If a similar event occurred in Auckland, however, how would we fare? Various DEVORA researchers comment on Auckland’s preparedness in light of the unpredictability of volcanic eruptions (NZ Herald, 12 August, 2012). Please refer to GNS Science’s GeoNet webpages for up-to-date information regarding the Tongariro and White Island eruptions.

The economic impact of an eruption in Auckland (July 2012)

Radio NZ: Professors Ian Smith and Shane Cronin describe how an Auckland eruption would affect the economy (18 July 2012, “Auckland Stories” section).

Lessons from Chile eruption for Auckland (June 2012)

Drs Tom Wilson (University of Canterbury) and Carol Stewart visited Chile to investigate the effects of ash from Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcano’s eruption in Chile over the past year. The article (Stuff, 07/06/2012) highlighted lessons for Auckland that were gleaned from their trip to the area.


New Study Revises Eruption Evacuation Radius (December 2011)

In a new study, Dr Gill Jolly and others simulated a base surge resulting from an AVF eruption. They found that the previously estimated evacuation radius of 5 km may not be enough in some instances. Read the article (Stuff, 4/12/2011). The published article may be found here (Springer, Bulletin of Volcanology, DOI: 10.1007/s00445-011-0556-y).

New Volcanoes for the Auckland Volcanic Field (November 2011)

Dr Bruce Hayward (Geomarine Research) has recognized several more volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field. Hear about how he found them and confirmed his suspicions on Radio New Zealand’s reports: Morning Report (3:52; New volcanoes discovered in Auckland: 9 November 2011). Our Changing World (14:56; Auckland’s new volcanoes: 10 November 2011) News articles: Four new volcanoes found under Auckland. NZ Herald article, 9 November 2011. New volcanic craters discovered in south Auckland. NewsTalkZB article, 10 November 2011. The news was mentioned in another article announcing a new IESE project to install seismometers in two additional locations in Auckland: $2 million to dig up city secrets. Stuff, 11 November 2011. Information about the new volcanoes was presented by Bruce to other researchers at the4th Annual DEVORA-IIOF Research Forum on 10 November. Just prior to the discoveries, Dr Hayward also published a bookwhich features descriptions of each volcano in the AVF, their rich heritage, and what we currently know about eruptions in the AVF and monogenetic fields in general. DEVORA researchers and their research findings contributed to the content.

Grafton Volcano Re-Discovered (April 2011)

Hear DEVORA Volcanologist Dr. Jan Lindsay (University of Auckland) discussing the rediscovery of a volcano at Grafton in central Auckland under the medical school. (8.01;Grafton Volcano: Audio from Afternoons on 05 Apr 2011) Hear Dr. Bruce Hayward, Geologist of Geomarine Research, talk about the volcanic puzzle of rediscovering the Grafton volcano by linking lava flows between boreholes and measuring changes in the thickness of the lava flows and volcanic ash. (7.34; Audio from Nine To Noon on 05 Apr 2011) News articles:

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Prepare for an Auckland Eruption (October 2010)

New Zealanders can watch TV3’s online version of Eruption, a docu-drama detailing an eruption scenario in Auckland. The trailer can be seen worldwide here. Several members of the DEVORA team were involved in advising the directors about the scientific details and eruption timelines. Links 1 and 2 give more information and describe what you could do to prepare for a volcanic eruption in Auckland. GNS Science posted two press releases in preparation for the screening of Eruption on 13 October–see press release 1 for information about our current research findings and press release 2 to find out how GNS is watching out for us via seismic stations. Shortly after the docu-drama on TV3, experts from GNS Science were live on Facebook answering questions at http:/ See the Discussions tab for the Q&A.

New Ash Layers Uncovered (October 2010)

Hear DEVORA Volcanologist Dr. Gill Jolly (GNS Science) discuss the impact of finding 29 new ash layers in Auckland on Radio New Zealand National’s Checkpoint programme (17:53; Auckland more vulnerable to volcanic ash fall than thought; 13 October 2010).

What to Expect Before an Eruption (October 2010)

Listen to DEVORA volcanologists Drs Gill Jolly and Jan Lindsay talk about what we expect from the next volcanic eruption in Auckland on Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint programme (3:35; Seismic studies shed light on natural disaster risk; 13 October 2010).

Hazard and Risk in Auckland (September 2010)

Learn the difference between ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ as Jan the Volcanologist talks about the magma beneath Auckland’s volcanic field on 96bFM (15 September 2010). Listen to Dr. Ian Smith compare and contrast the AVF with Iceland’s volcanoes and explain more about the DEVORA objectives on Australia’s ABC Radio National on The Science Show. (8 min.; 4 September 2010).

Ever Wondered? Find out here. (August 2010)

Watch DEVORA scientists Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer, Drs. Jan Lindsay, Phil Shane, and Tom Wilson in action as they illustrate the hazards facing Auckland from an eruption on an episode of TVNZ 7’s ‘Ever Wondered?’ Also, Dr. Liam Wotherspoon, an IESE scientist, explains how we’d locate the site of an impending eruption using seismometers. (Sections 2 and 3; 28 Aug 2010).

Volcanoes in the Big Smoke (August 2010)

Hear Dr. Jan Lindsay talk about ‘Volcanoes in the Big Smoke’ on ‘Ready Steady Learn’ on 96bFM (15 min. 24 sec.; 24 Aug 2010).

Other Web Links

Explore the Science Learning webpages to discover more about what we do to DEtermine VOlcanic Risk in Auckland, including ‘reading’ rock cores, predicting the nature of future explosions in Auckland, volcanic monitoring,measuring magma, studying the Onepoto Basin, and recognizing the hazards that other volcanoes on the North Island pose to AucklandLearn about the DEVORA project, why there are volcanoes on Auckland, and see the latest DEVORA research update on the Auckland Museum’s Volcanoes webpage. Discover how Auckland’s volcanic field is monitored through GeoNet and BICEP (Borehole Instrument Centre for Eden Park). Hear Drs. Jan Lindsay and Graham Leonard explain DEVORA on Radio New Zealand National. Listen to Auckland’s Volcanic Story, as told by Drs. Jan Lindsay and Phil Shane. Dr. Jan Lindsay talks about the Auckland Volcanic Field in In the Belly of the Beast,’ an EarthWorks production by Radio New Zealand National. (The portion concerning the Auckland Volcanic Field starts at 45:00 minutes.) Read the New Zealand Herald article Read the Scoop article