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Class Exercises & Games

For Ages 7+

Volcanoes Top Trumpsonline game & physical cards

Oregon University Volcano World Game Links

Scholastic VolcanoLab

Earth Girl Game

For Ages 11+

Volcano Island Game

Supervolcano Game

For Ages 14+

Hazagora Game: Will You Survive the Next Disaster?   Game Description

Extreme Event Game: How to build community resilience to disasters

Lesson Plans and Materials

Volcano Experiments: This pdf contains 8 experiments that demonstrate how volcanoes work and help kids understand the science behind volcanic eruptions. Note: These need adult supervision. We are not liable for any mishaps! DEVORA Experiments Manual (186 downloads)

GNS Volcano Lesson Plan Series: This series covers everything kids could want to know about volcanoes in New Zealand. The series includes lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and activites.

GNS Volcanoes: The GNS website offers specialized videos and informative pages about New Zealand volcanoes sorted by topic. For the entire video series click here.

GNS Volcano Fact Sheets: Downloadable posters about each of the major New Zealand volcanoes.

Auckland Eruption Animation: Watch Auckland’s volcanoes pop up one by one, in chronological order, starting 192,000 years ago! Animation created by Dr Jenni L Hopkins. Please credit accordingly.


Field Trips

Geotrips: A great place for finding potential field trips!

Volcano Walks in Auckland: Just as it says on the tin. (Some paid content.)


Recommended Books

Volcanoes of Auckland: The Essential Guide: This is a highly accessible, informative book suitable for almost all ages and expertise levels. DEVORA researchers regularly consult this book for information. It is out of print but can be found at many used book re-sellers and the Auckland Library.

Lava and Strata: a field guide to the volcanoes and rock formations of Auckland

City of Volcanoes: a geology of Auckland

Coming in late 2019: Look for Field Guide to the Volcanoes of Auckland, written and compiled by the same author as Volcanoes of Auckland: The Essential Guide!