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For Ages 7+

Volcanoes Top Trumpsonline game & physical cards

Oregon University Volcano World Game Links

Scholastic VolcanoLab

Earth Girl Game


For Ages 11+

Volcano Island Game

Supervolcano Game


For Ages 14+

Hazagora Game: Will You Survive the Next Disaster?   Game Description

Extreme Event Game: How to build community resilience to disasters


Lesson Plans and Materials

Volcano Experiments: This pdf contains 8 experiments that demonstrate how volcanoes work and help kids understand the science behind volcanic eruptions. DEVORA Experiments Manual (168 downloads)

GNS Volcano Lesson Plan Series: This series covers everything kids could want to know about volcanoes in New Zealand. The series includes lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and activites.

GNS Volcanoes: The GNS website offers specialized videos and informative pages about New Zealand volcanoes sorted by topic. For the entire video series click here.

GNS Volcano Fact Sheets: Downloadable posters about each of the major New Zealand volcanoes.

Geotrips: The place for finding potential field trips!