Te Rito cadet field trip to Te Pane-O-Mataaho / Māngere Mountain

In late May 2022, DEVORA’s Nathan Collins and Elaine Smid were delighted to talk volcanic risk with Te Rito journalism cadets and Science Media Centre (NZ). The talented cadets are a part of the NZ On Air-funded Te Rito development programme, an initiative led by New Zealand Media & Entertainment, Whakaata Māori, Newshub and the Pacific Media Network. The aim of the programme is to train journalists that will better reflect the diverse communities of Aotearoa within the media industry. The SMC NZ organized a science journalism-focused training day to give them first-hand experience working with scientists, labs, and field sites.
The cloudy and somewhat wet day didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm as we toured around Te Pane-O-Mataaho / Māngere Mt. to bring the volcanic lessons to life – and talk about future stories featuring our favourite volcanoes! 
DEVORA Outreach Coordinator Nathan Collins starts off our trip by pointing out many of the volcanic features you can see around the landscape from Te Pane-O-Mataaho / Māngere Mountain: the lava flow fields of Ambury Regional Park, Puketutu Volcano, Māngere Lagoon, and many other sights of interest. The cadets sometimes offered their own knowledge of the region, prompting interesting discussions and all-round learning for everyone!
Nathan explaining the mysterious origins of the rounded hill in the crater behind him – a volcanic ‘plug’ of cooler, dense lava was pushed up from the vent by volcanic gases. When this happened, small explosions occurred as the gas escaped, forming craters around the base of the plug.
The group contemplates the scale and features of the volcano near the summit of Te Pane-O-Mataaho / Māngere Mountain
Nathan wraps up the walk by discussing the Māngere Bridge eruption scenario (one of 8). Eruption scenarios are tools volcanologists can use to handle the uncertainty around when and where the next eruption will occur in broad volcanic areas like Auckland. The cadets posed insightful questions throughout the experience, handled the wet conditions like pros, and the day was enjoyed by all.
More information on the Te Rito development programme can be found here: Media industry announces Te Rito journalism cadets –