Communications and Education

A major aim of DEVORA is to communicate our science effectively. We are investigating how to best present our findings to other scientists, stakeholders, and the public in a clear, concise manner, in formats that are easily understood and tailored to the intended audience.

Presentations from the 15th Annual DEVORA forum 2022
Te Rito cadet field trip to Te Pane-O-Mataaho / Māngere Mountain
Auckland’s Volcanoes: Their fiery secrets and how we’re prepared
Presentations from the 14th annual DEVORA forum 2021
DEVORA in Schools: Outreach
KIWI TALKZ interview with Prof Jan Lindsay
DEVORA Rocks, Pops and Bubbles @ MOTAT Stem Fair and Polyfest 2021
The Auckland Volcanic Field bucket list!
13th Annual DEVORA Forum
DEVORA Fact Sheets