The Auckland Volcanic Field bucket list!

How many volcanic centres are there in the Auckland Volcanic Field? 48? 50? More? The correct answer is 53, and that number could keep going up in the future! Have you seen them all?

The team at DEVORA has developed a checklist to help you track which volcanic centres you’ve been to. You can print it out, or you can check the centres off on your phone as you go.

The checklist will not only tell you where to go and how accessible it is but also provides a brief summary of why the centre is unique, where to find a longer summary of the centre (hint: B. Hayward’s book Volcanoes of Auckland is fantastic*), and links to other resources about the centre.

Which volcanic centre is your favourite? Tell us about your adventures on our Facebook page!


*The Auckland library system has more than 27 copies!


Auckland Volcanic Field Checklist Cover
Auckland Volcanic Field Checklist


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Publication Date: 2021