Community Science Opportunity with DEVORA’s volcano age-dating programme

map of Auckland volcanoes vent locations and deposit extents of interest

YOU can help us understand more about Auckland volcanoes! We are looking for lava rock and organic matter (wood, charcoal) near several Auckland volcanoes for our volcano age-dating programme.

If you have a basement lined with lava, are installing a pool and find volcanic material, or simply have lots of awesome lava in your backyard, please read further! Our aim is to get an eruption date for every single volcano in the field. We use two main methods: 1. we analyse crystalline, platy lava or 2. use C-14 dating of wood or charcoal in layers directly above/below volcanic deposits (for volcanoes <~50,000 years old).

We are especially interested in the following location;

Tank Farm, Onepoto, Mt Cambria, North Head, Mt Victoria, The Domain, Grafton, Mt Hobson, Orakei, St Heliers, Panmure, Te Hopua, Otara Hill, Styaks Swamp*, Green Mount, Hampton Park, Mangere Lagoon, Mt Robertson, Pukewairiki, Waitomokia, Otuataua, Pukaki, Cemetary Crater* , Puhinui Craters* Ash Hill, Kohuora

* high priority volcanoes

What Do We Need?

Sample of >400 g lava or >1 g organic material (peat, charcoal, wood)

Location of sample (map coordinates)

Drilling log (to ascertain depths, thicknesses, and stratigraphic order)

Contact Us!

If you find lava or organic material around the listed volcanoes, please message us on FB, use the contact us form or email Elaine Smid (


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NZ Geomechanics News Article

Publication Date: 01/12/2018