Be prepared: Survey reveals education key to lower risk

Most people believe they have the necessary items to survive a volcanic eruption but only a few believe they are very prepared, an Auckland risk perception survey shows.

Less than 80 per cent of respondents realise there is a risk of future volcanic activity but are not confident that they know what to do in the event of an eruption.

The findings follow the 2015 People’s Panel survey undertaken in New Zealand’s most populous city, Auckland. They have been used by Auckland Council to improve public education and information campaigns, and refine response plans and procedures.

More than 21,000 people registered with the Panel, including residents from each local board area and various age groups and ethnicities.

In all, 87.1 percent of respondents know of the eruption risk.

However, only 15 percent have sought information on the issue.

Only 5.1 per cent are aware of the size of the Auckland Volcanic Field while 44.7 percent know the approximate date of the last eruption.

Only 0.9 percent know that an eruption can happen at any time. In all, 14.5 percent recognise that the size of the next eruption may devastate an area six kilometres from the eruption centre.

Most expect an official warning two to three days before a volcanic eruption.

Most want more information and advice from local authorities in order to be better prepared.


DEVORA Volcanic Survey: People’s Panel Cover
DEVORA Volcanic Survey: People’s Panel

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