DEVORA presents: City on Volcanoes!

A mock movie teaser trailer has been created by University of Canterbury PhD candidate Josh Hayes to present his research topic, Clean-up and restoration of urban environments after volcanic eruptions.

His work targets the challenge of disaster response and recovery in managing disaster waste.

During disaster waste planning, volcanic hazards are often omitted, with waste management not part of the impact and risk assessments.

However, volcanic hazards can present unique challenges. For example, it may be months before lava flows cool, delaying and hindering any removal.

The research looks at risk reduction, emergency response and recovery to better understand clean-up and restoration requirements for urban areas affected by eruptions

The video seeks to engage a wider audience on the issue.

It was submitted to the NZ Royal Society 150 Years of Discovery: Emerging Research video competition.


A City of Volcanoes Cover
A City of Volcanoes

Publication Date: 07/09/2017
Josh Hayes, Earth Observatory of Singapore Cover
Josh Hayes, Earth Observatory of Singapore