Facts of the volcano matter

Do you know that there are about 53 volcanoes in Auckland and that Rangitoto is the youngest one?

Cleverly illustrated and packed full of easy to understand information, the DEVORA fact sheets prepared by leading scientific communicators share fun volcanic facts in a simple and engaging form.

Each fact sheet aims to raise awareness about the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF) and the importance of understanding the local environment and landscape.

The DEVORA (DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland), fact sheet library continues to evolve with more fact sheets to be added, in order to deliver quality content to a mainstream audience.

Titled City of Volcanoes – The Auckland Volcanic Field, Fact Sheet 01provides an introduction to the volcanoes dotting Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island.

Titled Hidden Eruptions – The Search for Auckland’s Volcanic Past, Fact Sheet 02 delves into the layers of volcanic history across the city, including an interactive quiz.


City of Volcanos Cover
City of Volcanos

Fact Sheet #1

Hidden Eruptions Cover
Hidden Eruptions

Fact Sheet #2

Rangitoto Odd One Out Cover
Rangitoto Odd One Out

Fact Sheet #3