Taking note of volcanic field work

From key points to dynamic diagrams and succinct summaries, the DEVORA Geology Field Note Series delves into various volcano-related issues in an easy-to-read one-page “note”.

Specialist DEVORA (DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland) scientific communicators continue to enhance and expand the Field Note Series, with a strong focus on readability in order to relate to – and resonate with – the wider community.

At present, four items are available in these clear, concise colourful pages. They each summarise a specific DEVORA research article.

How Low Does it Go? reveals how the source of magma deep within the Earth’s mantle contributes to the resulting size of an Auckland Volcanic Field volcano.

Evacuation: The Big Decision considers how modelled base surge probabilities can be combined with cost-benefit analysis to decide when – and where – an evacuation should be called.

Searching for Patterns in the AVF details a ground-breaking study that combines timing, chemistry, and the location of previous Auckland eruptions to predict future behaviour in the AVF.

Volcanoes in the Big Smoke summarises extensive high-level research that has greatly increased the understanding of how the AVF works and what to expect in a future eruption.


How low does it go? Cover
How low does it go?

Evacuation: The Big Decision Cover
Evacuation: The Big Decision

Searching for patterns in the Auckland Volcanic Field Cover
Searching for patterns in the Auckland Volcanic Field

Volcanoes in the Big Smoke Cover
Volcanoes in the Big Smoke